A Unique Job for a Unique Candidate? Meet Aaron Tore, Employed!

Aaron Tore kneeling down on one knee and looking forward.

What do you get when you have a unique job and a unique candidate? Employed!  

Meet 19year-old Beaverton native, Aaron Tore. A student at the Beaverton Community Transition Program (BCTP), Aaron happens to be an avid video gamer and an individual with autism. However, most importantly, he works in a unique position at BESThq, a Beaverton business that works with small local companies to focus on the key elements that are critical to the long-term sustainable success of a small business. In the late spring, Dirkse Counseling and Consulting’s Director of Business Development and Amplify! Events, Cindy Bahl worked with BESThq to create a carved position for their monthly STEAM Minecraft Program events – a non-competitive space for kids to learn the skills of teamwork, leadership, communication, and presentation all while enjoying the Minecraft gaming atmosphere. 

With such a unique position available, Cindy reached out to BCTP to see if there was a student who understood the complexities of the game, could make sure that the events ran smoothly, and could quickly troubleshoot issues that occurredAaron’s teacher at BCTP immediately identified Aaron as the perfect person for this position with his intimate knowledge of the game and readiness to workAs the Minecraft Coach/Administrator, Aaron not only makes sure that each event runs smoothly, but he also updates BESThq’s Plan Center webpage, where contractors can bid on commercial and government jobs in Oregon and Washington. 

Aaron’s joy stems from the atmosphere at work and his coworkers. Thanks to the partnership between Dirkse CC and BESThq, hexcited to gain the work experience that BESThq is providing to allow him to become the best employee he can be.