Disability Inclusion Training

At Dirkse our motto is, “Ability starts here.” We strive to equip and empower organizations to develop a culture of inclusion to see the ability and value of all employees, especially applicants and employees with disabilities. Dirkse provides training focused on creating a vision, changing culture and skill building. The Dirkse team is equipped with a broad knowledge of the medical, psychosocial and vocational needs associated with many disabling conditions, including mental health, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic conditions, learning disability, paralysis, low vision/blindness, hearing loss/deafness, and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Commonly requested trainings are identified below; however, every training is adjusted to the needs of the requesting employer.

Amplified Disability Employment Training Series - Two-Part Series

Empower and equip your organization to create employment possibilities for people with developmental disabilities that will improve your workplace culture and bottom line! This two-part workshop will introduce you to the key concepts and skills required to build a supportive environment.

Normalizing Disability

Target Audience: All employees
Time: 1-3 hours
Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore attitudes and beliefs about persons with disabilities, which can unknowingly create bias and exclusion in the workplace.
  2. Increase knowledge of common medical conditions that can impact people at work.
  3. Identify specific ways to support and include employees with disabilities with these conditions in the workplace.
  4. Build the framework for inclusion of employees with disabilities as a valued diversity group.
  5. Encourage employee self-disclosure and self-advocacy.
  6. Identify easy to implement accommodations in the workplace.
  7. Harness the power of the ERG (Employee Resource Group) as an important force, driving the creation of a culture of inclusion which starts within an organization and impacts change throughout.

Success Strategies for Employees with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities

Target Audience: Managers and Supervisors
Time: 1-4 hours
Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the basics of intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD).
  2. Learn about the role and function of a job coach in supporting successful hiring, training, and retention.
  3. Learn tips to prepare the workplace and facilitate inclusion with the team.
  4. Gain communication strategies to manage changes in job duties, work environment, and needs of the employee with I/DD.

Essential Skills for Hiring, On-boarding, and Training of Individuals with Disabilities

Target Audience: Human Resource Personnel; Managers and Supervisors
Time: 1-3 hours
Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about collaborating partners and resources for successful recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and performance management of job seekers and employees with disabilities.
  2. Identify practical tips to see the “ability” of applicants with disabilities.
  3. Understand the importance of a strategy for on-boarding that facilitates inclusion for all.
  4. Learn to engage the employee in developing a training plan by linking the job description and possible accommodations that might be necessary to perform the job successfully.

Windmills: Changing the Perception of Ability Training Series

Target Audience: All Employees
Time: Varies (1 hour to 12 hours) depending on goals
Learning Objectives:

This highly interactive training series focuses on attitudes and human factors, while addressing concerns including legal requirements and accommodation. The modules primarily consist of exercises relevant to the everyday world of work to which participants can relate and then remember on the job. The new 2016 “Windmills” program also incorporates language and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act ADAAA. It is authored by Dr. Richard Pimentel and published by Milt Wright & Associates.

Highly knowledgeable presenters. Environment encouraged open and honest discussion.
-- Disability Diversity & Inclusion Training Participant

Ability Starts Here.