Job Seeker Solutions

Professional Career Counseling

Dirkse CC offers personalized and group career counseling for individuals who are interested in exploring their work personalities and their skill sets in relation to job and training options. The course curriculum is designed by Heidi Dirkse-Graw, President/CEO, and uses a combination of standardized interest and personality assessments combined with proprietary exercises.Assistance with setting up job shadows and informational interviews is a common activity. 

Employment First: Discovery

Dirkse CC believes everyone can work with the right supports and in the right environment.  We are a licensed provider of ODDS Discovery Services. Our employment specialists assist clients in identifying their unique talents and contributions and help define work interests through a wide range of activities.  Discovery usually takes two to three months. Dirkse CC employment specialists follow the person to job placement when that is the next step in the process of vocational rehabilitation. 

Vocational Evaluation

Dirkse CC's Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation is a systematic and detailed process designed to give you the answers you need regarding vocational and career direction. Identification of suitable job goals matching interests, aptitudes and transferable skills are generated. 

Community Work Experience

Dirkse CC offers two types of on-the-job work opportunities: Community Based Assessment (CBA) and Targeted Vocational Assessment (TVA). CBA is designed as a basic program for individuals whose ability to work is in question. It is usually 2-4 weeks in length and is non-paid, meeting Federal Wage and Hour criteria. TVA is designed as a bridge to employment and is appropriate for individuals who are ready to work and who need a chance to "try-out" a job prior to making a firm commitment. It is used successfully as a working interview for employers who carve​ and/or customize employment opportunities. DCC on-the-job work experiences are established based on best practices in the field. A comprehensive summary report designed to provide reliable and relevant information for future employment planning is provided at the conclusion.​

Job Placement

At Dirkse CC we are committed to empowering all people, especially those with disabilities, to explore, access and maintain employment.
We know that finding the right job or keeping the job you currently have can be difficult, especially if your life is impacted by a medical, psychological, and/or learning disability. Dirkse CC employment professionals can help. Our counselors have helped hundreds of people with disabilities, as well as those without, to find and keep the job they desire. We offer employment services designed to meet your individual needs. We bridge the gap between your skills, needs and preferences with employers who are in your local community.

Job Retention

Dirkse CC Job Retention services are individually tailored to your unique training and/or support needs. Retention services may include: Employer consultation, reasonable accommodation, job coaching to learn job tasks, managing stress and anxiety, problem solving work related issues and managing conflict. Dirkse CC is a licensed provider of long-term job coaching supports for individuals who experience I/DD. As such we maintain a pool of job coaches to ensure that support needs can be met and our clients can work with someone with whom they are comfortable.