Job Retention

Tailored to Your Unique Training and/or Support Needs

Many people are concerned about keeping their job once they have it. Will they get the training they need? Can they advocate for themselves? What if they need help because of their disability? At Dirkse we work with you and the employer to meet your unique learning style, training and/or support needs.

Retention services may include Employer consultation, reasonable accommodation ideas, job coaching to learn job tasks, managing stress and anxiety, problem-solving work-related issues and managing conflict on-the-job.

Dirkse is a licensed provider of long-term job coaching support for individuals who experience I/DD. As such we maintain a pool of job coaches to ensure that support needs can be met and that our clients can work with someone with whom they are comfortable.

Since working with Dirkse, The Barbers has hired 3 successful sign holders for various locations throughout the Portland Metro area and we plan to hire more as the opportunities present themselves. The job placement team is prompt, courteous and they make it extremely easy for an employer from a logistics perspective. The employees have been timely, professional and hardworking.
-- Mark Spiegelberg, District Manager, The Barbers

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