Meet Shaina Leiman, Employed

Shaina Leiman kneeling in front of a display of flower bouquets at Trader Joe's.

Published May 2019

We’ve all arrived at the checkout lane of out local grocery store with a sense of completion; content that another errand has been checked off our to-do list. As the cashier punches in the code for your two avocados, a sudden sense of panic strikes… You need four avocados! Terror strikes. What happens now? Should you pay and come back around? Hold up the line and rush to the produce section? Concoct a way to blame your parents? Uncertainty is everywhere.

Suddenly, a friendly voice exclaims, “Two bells!” You feel at ease. You remember that you’re shopping at Trader Joe’s. Shaina and the crew on NW 185th Avenue in Tanasbourne are ready and eager to help at a moment’s notice.

Shaina Leiman exudes friendliness and customer service. A successful student at the Beaverton Community Transition Program, Shaina was determined to get her first paying job in the community. After building a résumé and practicing interview skills, Shaina was able to gain employment in an environment where she can help others, gain valuable experience, and be a reliable source of positive energy and integrity. Shaina arrives to work every day with a determination to learn, grow, and succeed. Dirkse Counseling and Consulting has been providing job development services to outstanding individuals. like Shaina since 1997. When Dirkse CC makes connections in the community with employers who value inclusion and diversity, people like Shaina get to go to work. “Captain” Ken Wong of Trader Joe’s saw Shaina’s potential, not her disability, and made her a crew member. Shaina is now bagging groceries, collecting carts, cleaning, and enthusiastically going to grab those two pesky avocados.

When Employment Specialist, Michael Shareshian asked Shaina why she liked working at Trader Joe’s so much, Shaina talked highly of the customers, her fellow crew members, and Trader Joe’s determination to provide a unique customer service experience. Shaina’s potential is limitless and thanks to employers like Trader Joe’s, Shaina is building a strong foundation for career and personal development. She’s also happy to grab your last-minute guacamole needs.