Amplify! Success & Amplify! Rock Stars

Promoting Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Amplify! Success & Amplify Rock Stars


Amplify! is a Dirkse CC program for employer engagement and community collaboration designed to promote disability inclusiveness in the workplace, especially for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD).

Amplify! Portland consists of two annual events, Amplify! Success in October and Amplify! Rock Stars in May.  Amplify! Success focuses on engaging local employers in a conversation about workplace inclusion of employees and job seekers with disabilities.  Amplify! Rock Stars focuses on celebrating employers that have participated in the Oregon Disability Diversity Challenge and have: set up and completed disability diversity and inclusion training, hired one or more candidates, became involved in the Oregon Employment First community or engaged with programs such as Project Search, a 9 month Internship program for people with I/DD.

Between events, Dirkse CC sets up consultations with employers that are interested in making changes in their workplace culture. The consultations help determine what services would be of benefit to them based on their existing culture, management techniques, workforce, policies, and other areas with recommendations made accordingly.

Amplify! Toolkit & Technical Assistance

The Amplify! Tool Kit is a blueprint for implementing the two annual employer engagement events, Amplify! Success in October and Amplify! Rock Stars in May.  The Tool Kit includes an outline for planning and implementing these highly engaging outreach events including timelines, marketing and Social Media plans, sponsor and employer outreach guides, community engagement and promotional materials and more.  The Amplify! tool kit is a complete roadmap for creating and implementing your own successful employer engagement and community event.

I highly recommend Dirkse for providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. They are extremely knowledgeable regarding candidates and have proven invaluable in assisting us in finding job openings that are a good match. We have had great success hiring individuals with disabilities, both on the production floor and in our office environment. The teams where Dirkse has partnered with us to hire individuals with disabilities have gained dependable, flexible, and skilled team members and the individuals have gained independence and earn a living wage. In this way we support our core values of stewardship and collaboration, by helping to sustain the community we live in and promote inclusivity.
-- Jennifer Huntsman, Manager, Safety, Security & Employee Relations, Leupold & Stevens

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