Employer Solutions for Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Creating a Workplace that Thrives

Building a thriving workplace that includes tapping into the talent of people with disabilities is often uncharted territory for employers. Often assistance is needed developing a vision and action plan. Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, Inc. can help. We are experts in this space, providing complimentary initial consultation and planning to help employers begin or advance in their disability diversity efforts.
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Job Seeker Solutions for Successful Employment

Bridging the Gap to Success

As a job seeker with disabilities, you have many talents, skills and abilities. At Dirkse CC we help you explore and identify job options within your areas of interest. Dirkse CC has a talented pool of employment specialists who can help in each of job search, training, and retention. By building strong relationships with you and potential employers, we help you bridge the gap to success!
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Job Seeker



Empower your Workforce - Affirm Abilities - Amplify Success!

Amplify! provides two annual events to bring employers together to focus on promoting disability employment and inclusion by sharing successes, highlighting promising practices and collaborating to create an engaged and innovative community of practice.
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With the assistance from Dirkse, my son has been in his job from 3 years. We think it is great that he is a part of the community and he couldn’t do it without Dirkse.
-- Patrick F.

Ability Starts Here.