Creating a Workplace that Thrives

Employer Solutions for the Workplace

Successful recruitment, training, and retention of people is a key area of focus in workforce development and strategic business planning. As businesses compete for talent, they are eager to identify resources that can provide tools to incorporate a more diverse workforce that embodies a culture of inclusivity. Dirkse Counseling and Consulting provides support to businesses regarding reasonable accommodation as well as a variety of disability and diversity trainings to promote a workplace where diversity and inclusion can thrive.

Reasonable Accommodations

Consultation services are available to aid businesses in the interactive process of identifying reasonable accommodations for employees. In utilizing our diverse skillset, Dirkse is able to identify appropriate resources to help businesses support their employees in achieving professional balance. At Dirkse, our goal is to provide and implement the necessary tools for employer and employee success.  

Workforce Training & Development

Ask How to Amplify! Your Workforce

Dirkse has developed a variety of workforce training called Amplify! We offer consultations to help collaborate with businesses to bring together the most vital piece of any company, its employees. Our Amplify! training are designed to elevate awareness of mental health and disability in the workplace. Connect with a member of our team to talk about how Dirkse can meet your business needs.