Professional Counseling

We are here to help.

Dirkse CC is a specialist in employment counseling, particularly supporting clients with disabilities. Additionally, counselors also offer more traditional counseling and adjustment services for individuals and families. Whether short solution-focused intervention or longer-term exploration and healing, Dirkse CC provides skilled intervention coupled with compassion and care to help you reach your personal, relational and/or vocational goals. ​Counselors at Dirkse ​CC have expertise and counseling skills to provide individual, couples and group therapy. Common reasons for seeking counseling often include: 

- Adjusting to life with disability (medical, mental health and/or developmental condition)
- Relationship Issues (couples, parenting and work conflict)
- Anger management
- Dealing with depression and/or anxiety
- Self-Sabotage
- Grief and loss
- Communication problems 
- Addiction
- School/Work performance issues
- Career indecision
- Soft skills training due to ADHD, TBI or I/DD

Fees for Service

 Rates/Fees: $100/hour. Reduced fees available for self-pay in cases of financial hardship. 

Contact Information

Contact  Heidi Dirkse-Graw, M.S. CRC, LPC  (503-516-8073 or and she will connect you with a Dirkse CC counselor whose strength and specialization is aligned with your needs.