A Great Fit Equals Meaningful Employment: Welcome Max!


The first day that Max Mitchell began the onboarding process at his neighborhood Safeway, the barista manager brought him a coffee on the house with the words “Welcome Max” written on the cup. What a way for him to begin his first job! And the welcome continues after nearly four months of employment.

Max came to Dirkse CC during his final year at Community Transition Program knowing he was interested in a courtesy clerk position. His time at CTP provided opportunities to volunteer at a grocery and home improvement store, and he was ready and eager to start working.

The process of finding employment included applying at a few grocery stores and participating in a walk-in-interview. Safeway seemed like a great match and Max accepted their job offer!

Right away, coworkers and supervisors described Max as fitting right in and expressed how pleased they were with his performance. Within a month of starting, Max requested to retire from CTP and work an additional shift. Four months later, Max is still receiving positive praise. One coworker described Max as “one of the best courtesy clerks” he has ever worked with. His manager shared that he is reliable, hardworking and that “no” is not in his vocabulary. He is friendly with customers and coworkers, and he stays busy throughout his shift. His mom has shared how much Max loves his job and that everyone at Safeway has really embraced him. A great fit for all!

Written By Kristi Metschan, Employment Specialist

Published in The Beaverton Resource Guide