Congratulations on 20 Years of Service!

President and CEO Heidi Dirkse-Graw (left) with Employment Services Manager, Glenn Bishop (right).

Working in the realm of employment, we always celebrate milestones like promotions, an increase in tasks or hours, and anniversaries. Anniversaries are an especially meaningful celebration because they show commitment, tenacity, and a drive to become an expert in their role or field. They allow us to look at growth over time and give us the ability to admire how far we’ve come since we started. 

This week, our Employment Services Manager, Glenn Bishop, achieved his 20th anniversary at Dirkse Counseling and Consulting. After starting with the company only three years after its founding, Glenn’s primary focus has been on job development. With a unique knack of quickly finding well-suited jobs for clients, he also creates relationships with employers that show them how easy it is to be a catalyst for change when it comes to inclusion.  

Glenn’s experience working within a wide range and degree of disabilities has led him to serve on the Portland State University Clinical Rehabilitation Advisory Board and as adjunct faculty for the Portland State Graduate School of Education’s Counselor Education – Clinical Rehabilitation program. In addition to his role as Employment Services Manager, Glenn is a member of the Dirkse CC professional development training team. He works with vocational rehabilitation and employment service professionals on how to motivate employers to hire job seekers with disabilities, how to job coach with job retention in mind, and how to work with employers to supervise employees with developmental disabilities successfully. 

When asked what motivates him to stay, Glenn says, It’s important to take care of yourself in this line of work. I’m known for taking vacations and taking care of myself – recharging, spending time with my family. I think part of it is my personality; being patient and caring really makes a difference.” President and CEO, Heidi Dirkse-Graw said about her time working with Glenn over the years, “Glenn brings his upbeat personality, creativity, and dedication to the Dirkse CC team and his clients each day. He is not only the most talented job developer I have met, but he is a leader in the field who loves to give back to other professionals. Dirkse CC would not be the same without Glenn.”  

Twenty years is a considerable amount of time to remain employed at one company. Life happens and can change its trajectory at any time, which is what makes this anniversary so unique. Congratulations, Glenn, on this incredible milestone!